S-ECCO 2019

Message from the Chairs

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure and honor to invite you for another Surgeons of ECCO (S-ECCO) scientific activity outside of Europe. This time, we will host the 6th S-ECCO International IBD Workshop in Curitiba, Brazil.

S-ECCO has organized several meetings over the last years. These were basically the main S-ECCO Masterclasses (during the ECCO congresses), some scientific S-ECCO sessions (usually included in programs of important scientific meetings, such as the congress of the European Society of Coloproctology) and full workshop programs around the globe. After meetings in Mexico, Colombia and the United States, S-ECCO comes back to the traditional Brazilian workshop, which occurs every 2 years.

The essence of our meetings is based on the multidisciplinary approach in IBD care, putting together surgeons and gastroenterologists aiming discussion of different scenarios in the IBD field. The program content is balanced between surgical and medical topics, practical case scenarios, hot debates, video sessions, tandem talks and traditional lectures with opened discussion with the audience. The meeting is directed to both IBD surgeons and gastroenterologists.

Specifically in 2019, we have the honor to have the meeting for the first time to be fully held in collaboration with the European Crohn's and Colitis Organisation (ECCO), under GEDIIB organization. This is the maximum level of scientific partnership in the ECCO infrastructure, meaning that the meeting involved ECCO officers in all steps of organization, since the initial draft of the program up to the involvement of important ECCO members.

We will host in Curitiba an incredible number of 17 international faculty speakers, from Europe, United Stated and Latin America, added to important Brazilian key opinion leaders in the IBD field representing GEDIIB. We have the opportunity of having 3 presidents of ECCO (Daan Hommes, Silvio Danese and Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet), and other active ECCO officers. We will also have important collaboration of American surgeons who are leaders in the field, who will for sure give important insights for the discussion. Physicians from Mexico, Colombia and Argentina will guarantee the Latin flavor for our meeting.

Of course, the S-ECCO spirit of science and fun could not be out of the table, and we also expect busy social activities during the 3-day meeting. We also will have 4 different satellite symposia from our sponsors, what consolidates this as one of the most important meetings in IBD in Latin America.

We welcome you to Curitiba, and we expect to make this specific meeting one of the best IBD scientific experiences for the attendees. We count on you to be part of this multidisciplinary discussion. Your presence is extremely important to us.


Paulo Gustavo Kotze (ECCO Educom Member)
Willem Bemelman (ECCO Secretary)